Hello! Welcome to the comics of Squire Scribbles!

Once upon a time this little Squire was bored, and needed a new hobby. After much searching, I discovered the wonderful world of HEMA, Historical European Martial Arts, and was amazed to know that people could still fight with swords! Since then I have attended classes, made lots of lovely friends and have experienced so many crazy things that I ended up drawing comic strips to share all of these little discoveries with everybody else!

Despite attending classes, I’m still not all that great at swordfighting … ahahahaha … but in the mean time I enjoy helping people out at tournaments and getting involved when and where I can!

Currently life is rather busy, so the comics are on hold, but I plan to return again some day to continue the story – and trust me there is still a lot of material to come! In the meantime I hope you enjoy your stay here, and I hope we can all meet again one day!